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About Lafayette

The community of Lafayette located in Contra Costa County, California is home to more than 24,000 people. The city in the hills is known for its luxury living and pastoral scenery. The rural community, located between Walnut Creek and Berkley, boasts hills carpeted in woodland, clean air, and a mild climate. Only 25 minutes from San Fransisco, the area is prized for its high quality life, safe neighborhoods, excellent schools and wealth of natural attractions and activities.

The city was incorporated in 1968 to preserve and enhance the area's rural charm and the overall character of the community. Located on 15 square miles within Contra Costa County, Lafayette currently maintains the community's charming nature through a number of volunteer based commissions and committees.

Lafayette History

The history of Lafayette's began 10,000 years ago when a group of Saclans, settled within the region. Later, In 1797, the Saclan people fought against the Spanish in the area that would one day become Lafayette.

The area was first settled by people of European descent in 1847 when a wagon train brought pioneers through the Donner pass. The early settlers made their home within the region using large Mexican land grants to settle the area that is presently Lafayette.

One area settler, Elam Brown used a 3,329 acre Mexican land grant and founded Rancho Acalanus, which today accounts for almost all of the present day city of Lafayette. The pioneer built a home in 1848 and began what would be the first community in central Contra Costa County.

The area grew quickly, and within a short period of time the growing community boasted a mill, a blacksmith, a bar, a general store, and more. Much of the lumber harvested in the area was shipped to San Fransisco. The community soon became a rest stop for area wagons that were hauling lumber.

In 1857 the town received its current name from the Postmaster Benjamin Shreve, who wanted the town to form an identity of its own. The town was originally named Centerville. However, the name was rejected as there was already another Centerville operating within the state. Shreve's second choice of Lafayette was adopted and remains as the name of the community to this day.

Life In Lafayette

The town of Lafayette is appealing to residents around the Bay Area for its rural charm, fantastic schools, great weather and abundance of outdoor activities. Lafayette, similar to the rest of the San Francisco Bay Area boasts a Mediterranean climate. Lafayette is separated from the greater Berkeley and Oakland areas by way of the Berkeley Hills. The city is considered to be a part of the greater San Francisco Bay Area and is home to a BART station for the public transit system.

Arts And Culture
Within the city of Lafayette residents enjoy a number of cultural and artistic events, festivities, and recreation throughout the year. From theatrical numbers put on by The Town Hall Theatre Company to art openings in one of the city's several galleries, there is always something to pique the interest of those interested in the finer things in life.

Parks And Recreation
The city of Lafayette is home to several fantastic parks and open areas. Parks within the city feature a number of amenities including sports fields, playgrounds, picnic tables, and more.

  • Community Park
  • Buckeye Fields
  • Brook Street Park
  • Leigh Creekside Park
  • Elam & Margaret Brown Plaza
  • Lafayette Reservoir

Many residents in the Lafayette enjoy the city's multitude of trails for hiking and horseback riding. The longest area trail is the Lafayette-Moraga Trail, which offers 7.65 for walking, jogging, bicycling, and horseback riding.

Throughout the year Lafayette is fortunate to have an amazing amount of community sponsored events and activities. The city's hardworking network of dedicated citizens and volunteers work tirelessly to provide the community with a large number of fantastic events all year long. From the Earth Day Celebration in the spring to the annual Community Thanksgiving Breakfast, the city of Lafayette always has something exciting planned just around the corner. Additionally, residents of Lafayette enjoy the area Farmer's Market. The market is open every Sunday May - August on the BART lot just off of Happy Valley Road.

Relocating To Lafayette?
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